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Testimonials we have received:

“My wife and I have been using Fernández-Cuevas, Abogados for about seven years now.

They were extremely helpful when we bought our first property in Spain, a cortijo and vineyard, ensuring that we understood what was necessary when purchasing a country property and working through all the various stages from the initial agreement (compraventa), to obtaining a survey and the Deeds of the Property (Escritura). Thankfully we have avoided the many pitfalls encountered by some of our fellow “extranjeros” by using Fernández-Cuevas, Abogados.

Over the years we have had a number of occasions to need the services of a local Lawyer or Solicitor and Fernández-Cuevas have always been on hand to offer us advice and assistance.

For example, when purchasing a car, privately, it is advisable to draw up a sale agreement to cover you in the event of a subsequent disagreement.

When someone serves you with a “denuncia” – a statement given to the Guardia Civil accusing you of an offence or crime – the backing of local, knowledgeable staff to assist you in making statements is invaluable.

When you need someone trustworthy to act on your behalf at Banks, Town halls, Notary Offices etc, we have always used Fernández-Cuevas. This is invaluable if you are spending time in both England and Spain and need to act quickly.

We recently purchased a shop in the town and again we were helped through the process by the staff at Fernández-Cuevas, Abogados.

We have no hesitation in recommending Fernández-Cuevas, Abogados, a thoroughly professional team of multilingual lawyers covering all aspects of the judicial system in Spain.”


Paul B Cadman

“Sometime ago I approached Euroresidentes seeking the name of a reliable lawyer that I could use to handle the proposed purchase of a property in the Almunecar area of Granada province. I was put in touch with Eurojuris Espana and they kindly directed me to a firm in Almunecar.

I have recently successfully completed the purchase of the said property and wish to put on record my sincerest thanks for directing me to such a top-class professional firm of lawyers. From the moment I first established contact with the partner in the firm – Irina Sviridovitch – I was extremely impressed with the efficiency with which my enquiries were answered. All emails and phone calls were returned on the same day or the following day. Clear, definitive answers were provided to all matters raised.

The purchase of the property necessitated 4 separate visits over 6 months to Almunecar. During my first visit Ms. Sviridovitch took me through the buying process and explained in detail, yet in understandable layman’s’ terms, all the legal aspects to the process. Fees were agreed at the initial meeting and these were very reasonable.

For the subsequent three meetings Ms. Sviridovitch facilitated our requests for meetings at particular times and dates. As we were travelling with a three year old and an infant it was sometimes difficult to co-ordinate visits with estate agents to prospective properties but I can say, hand on heart, that we did not encounter any such difficulty in our dealings with our lawyer. Ms. Sviridovitch was extremely flexible in accommodating our requests for meeting.

Apart altogether from the excellent service I refer to above it was only when we had decided to purchase a particular property that our lawyer proved what an invaluable asset she was to us. It is at this stage when one gets most nervous and in our case we had to contend with a lazy estate agent acting on behalf of the vendor, a vendor which comprised essentially four persons, a bank in a different province which held a mortgage on the property but yet refused to send a representative to the closing of the deal and some very sloppy paperwork prepared by the estate agent. During that last week I feared that the deal would fall through but thanks to the confident stewardship of Ms. Sviridovitch we closed the deal in early February, all the paperwork (notary matters, property registration, tax registration, payment of ‘stamp duty’, drawing up of wills etc.) has since been finalised and we are now the proud owners of a beautiful property on the Costa Tropical.

One final point I should add. Not being residents of Almunecar we had no idea where we might buy electrical fittings, furniture and avail of the services of an electrician. Ms. Sviridovitch was extremely helpful in directing us to the appropriate persons and, in the case of the electrician, effectively saved us from nights without electricity and hot water when we last arrived in Almunecar – not a very pleasant prospect with two very young children.

I can highly recommend this firm of lawyers and Ms. Sviridovitch, in particular, and once aging thank you for directing me to this particular firm. I should add that a friend of mine recently acquired a property in Alicante and his experience with his lawyer was the complete opposite to mine. For this reason alone I am grateful for the efficient and professional service supplied to me by Fernandez Cuevas Abogados. I feel sure that, with the kind of quality service offered by this firm, it may confidently be relied on to provide excellent legal services to prospective clients”

Kind regards

John W., Dublin, Ireland

“We have used FC Abogados in all our dealings to purchase a new property in Spain. The purchase was not straight forward, so it was reassuring to receive open and honest legal opinion from Jose Antonio, the senior partner. We were accompanied to official signings of contracts and deeds, so that the legal position could be explained to us in English. We were given details of the fees before we started and broadly they were as we anticipated. Jose Antonio also advised and prepared our Spanish wills. We can recommend them as a reliable and competent law firm with a commitment to personal service.”

Mike & Joy Appleton.

“I have used the legal expertise of Carmen Belén Ortega Guilló at the Fernandez Cuevas office in Almunecar, when I bought an off plan property near Competa. I have been impressed at the professionalism and support that Carmen has provided through the legal requirements of buying a property in Spain.”

Mr M Brown (MA.RCA)

Dear Irina

We would just like to take this opportunity to say how very grateful and thankful we are to you and your law firm for the very dedicated and efficient way you helped us deal with our Fathers property in Spain after he died. You were there for us when ever we needed you, either face to face or via email. We were never left wondering what was going on, you were very accommodating to us and saw us at a moments notice sometimes. You helped the process of the estate and sale go through without a hitch and eased what was a very difficult time for the family with your patience and kindness. Without a doubt we would use you and your firm again should we ever need to. Its just a shame you do not work here in England as you put our solicitor to shame!!!

Thank you once again, you were a star

Kind regards

Matthew Robinson

“My personal experience with the law firm Fernandez Cuevas Abogados has been excellent.

I have been given good practical legal advise and personal attention at all times.

Communication and advise from my lawyer Carmen Belen Ortega Guillo has been fast and efficient through meetings,telephone and e.mail, coupled with a clear and concise understanding of fees initially and projected for the duration of my case. I would highly recommend this law firm.”



“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to convey my experience of enlisting the help of Fernández Cuevas Abogados on a number of legal matters. I have known the team at Fernández Cuevas Abogados for about four years now. My principal dealings have been with Carmen Belén Ortega Guilló. My experience in working with Carmen is that she is extremely professional. She is very clear on the issues and gives concise professional advice. She is extremely knowledgeable on the law across a broad range of issues and jurisdictions allowing one to feel confident in purchasing or selling property anywhere in Spain, in obtaining the correct legal documentation, including legalised documents from one’s home country, in the drafting of company articles or the structuring of one’s own business affairs, in the drafting of Wills, or in case one is confronted with the necessity to pursue a civil dispute, as an example her success in suing an insurance company and their client whom were attempting to skirt their responsibilities.

Carmen is an excellent communicator whom also speaks English very well, which allows the work to proceed in the most efficient manner, whether that be through the exchange of information in meetings, or by phone, email and fax. She is extremely reliable and methodical in her approach and on top of it all, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I feel very fortunate to have found Fernández Cuevas Abogados and have complete confidence in recommending them without any reservations.”

Kelly J. Walton, BSc, MSc, CPA (Dúrcal, Granada)

Je suis très heureuse d’avoir l’opportunité de donner mon opinion concernant le Cabinet d’Avocats Fernandez Cuevas.

>Cela fait maintenant neuf ans que j’ai confié mes affaires à José-Antonio Fernandez Cuevas et je suis très satisfaite de ses prestations que ce soit dans le domaine juridique, affaires immobilières, fiscalité ou assurances, chaque dossier est traité dans les meilleures conditions et les meilleurs délais.

José-Antonio ainsi que ses collaboratrices sont d’excellents professionnels, toujours à l’écoute et c’est en toute confiance que l’on peut se fier à leurs compétences.

F.C.R Côte d’Azur ( France)

Having found the property that we wished to purchase in Almunecar we needed a solicitor whom we could trust and most importantly one with whom we could converse in English.

We discovered the offices of Fernandez Cuevas Abogados “English spoken” situated beneath the Notary’s Office in Almunecar, and wandered in, unannounced.

The Principal of the firm welcomed us and explained clearly and concisely how Spanish property purchasing worked. He then introduced us to Irina Sviridovitch, an associate lawyer in the firm who was assigned to us to deal with our purchase.

Purchasing a house is a very stressful process, doing so in another country, even more so.

Irina has negotiated with the vendors of the property, the electricity and water companies on our behalf and always kept us informed and up to date as the purchase proceeded.

She has dealt with our house purchase competently, efficiently and with good humour. The manner in which she has conducted our business has made what could have been a very difficult transaction, an almost enjoyable experience!

We now regard her as a friend and would be happy to recommend her and the firm; Fernandez Cuevas Abogados to other would be purchasers.

Colin and Mary Smith

We purchased our house in Jete which needed a complete reform there was no electricity or water or drainage the grandson of the lady we purchased the house from was at university and recommended a friend who was a lawyer in a practice in Amunecar.

This is how we met Carmen her first recommendation was to set up a Bank Account after a visit to the Notery to sign all the paperwork and handing over power of eternity, next it was NIE number’s this was a visit to motril in which Carmen made appointments and went with us to translate.

Next builders estimates- builder in place pick a good and recommended project manager that speaks good English & Spannish(This is very important) stage payments were made through Carmen and Project Managers “Paul Kath Lucas” to builder.  As project progressed Carmen set up our Direct Debts for Electricity & Water.

During this time she was still searching for Title Deeds to find they were lost in Spannish Civil War, then Carmen set about getting new Title Deeds made. We kept in touch with Carmen through internet & phone also by fax. Carmen is an excellent communicator whom speaks very good English.

I have been impressed at the professionalism and support that Carmen has provided through the Legal requirements of buying a property in Spain. Thankfully we have avoided the many pitfalls encountered by some expats.

We have no hesitation in recommending FERNANDEZ-CUEVAS ABOGADOS, a professional team of lawyers in Spain.

Carol & Ian Thorburn East Lothian Scotland

I have used Fernandez Cuevas Abogados as my lawyers since first buying a property in Spain 4 years ago. I cannot speak too highly of them. They have handled all my affairs including purchases, taxes, wills and power of attorney with quiet efficiency, while keeping me informed of the Spanish regulations and explaining things to me in simple and understandable language. I have always found them charming and friendly people whose fees are extremely reasonable by UK standards. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Bob Jones  Beaconsfield UK

When we arrived in Spain four years ago we were very green and made many mistakes, the one mistake we did not make was finding Fernandez Cuevas. You have provided unfailing courtesy, wise practical advice and a magnificent, successful defence of our interests in court.

Thank you

Fred Keeling

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