There is a general belief that in this case we should go to the Mutual Accident Insurance Company’s clinic. But this is not the case, the health care agreement makes it clear that the injured party can choose between being treated in the center of the mutual insurance company or in the one arranged with the insurance company of the vehicle, without prejudice to the medical services of the mutual insurance company supervising the evolution of the injured party for the purposes of the work discharges and leaves, which are the responsibility of the said mutual insurance company (and without prejudice to the fact that the work discharges can be appealed against).

And here comes the question… Do I choose the center of the mutual or the center of the car insurance? Actually, and because of our 25 years of experience as lawyers specialized in traffic and labor accidents in Granada and Jaén, in both cases we will try to register you as soon as possible to save costs. These are entities that ultimately aim to have a good balance sheet at the end of the year, and everything they pay is subtracted from their benefits… I would only advise opting for the assistance provided by the car insurance in case you do not agree with the center to which the Mutual Labor Association sends you and choose one that does not allow itself to be influenced by the pressures of the company on duty to get you discharged.

If you have suffered a traffic accident contact our office, we are lawyers specializing in accidents. We can advise you free of charge by contacting our office on 958 63 19 38 or by sending an e-mail to stating your case. We will answer you without any cost as soon as possible.

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