Of course the first thing to do, if there are injured people, is to help them and call 112 for health emergencies. You must move the vehicles away from the road if they can pose a risk to traffic, and signpost the accident with warning triangles, emergency lights and the use of reflective vests

If the fault of the accident is clear and corresponds to the opposing vehicle, fill in the accident report correctly, checking the documentation provided by the opposing driver (which you must also provide). In the event of the slightest dispute, we understand that it is better not to sign the report and call the Guardia Civil or the Police. Also call if the driver refuses to sign the report or runs away.

If your condition allows, take photographs (or have them taken by someone else) of the vehicles and the final position they are in. If there are witnesses to the accident, get their contact details.

If you have been taken to the emergency room, or have gone by your own means, get a medical report specifying that it is a traffic accident and the injuries you have suffered. In the event that you suffer whiplash, it is normal for you to feel the pain when you get up the next day. Then go without fail to the Emergency Department and have them specify everything as well. It is important that you go to the emergency department in any case before the first 72 hours after suffering the accident. If you are at work, ask your doctor for the sick leave report, which will be kept during the healing period and which is very important for the compensation of temporary injuries.

Report the claim to your insurance company, but you do not have to provide any further documentation at this time. Make sure you are given a file number to speed up the subsequent process and prove that the claim has been reported.

If your own company offers you compensation for material damage to the vehicle or the opposite insurance company contacts you to offer you compensation for personal damage (temporary injuries, sequels, and economic damages you have suffered due to being out of work), never accept them without further ado. In most cases you will be offered less than your share

If you have suffered a traffic accident contact our office, we are lawyers specializing in accidents. We can advise you free of charge by contacting our office on 958 63 19 38 or by sending an e-mail to info@fcabogados.com stating your case. We will answer you free of charge as soon as possible.

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