The driver of the not-guilty vehicle, including cyclists. Please note, with respect to bodily injury, that the only case in which you will not be entitled to compensation is if it is proven that the damage was due to your exclusive fault or to force majeure beyond the control of the vehicle or its operation; and that defects in the vehicle or the breakage or failure of any of its parts or mechanisms will not be considered cases of force majeure. In other words, in the event that there is a concurrence of faults because both drivers have contributed with their conduct to the production of the accident, they will maintain their right to be compensated, although perhaps with some reduction due to the concurrence of faults.

The above is with respect to personal damages, as for material damages, the normal regime of extra-contractual civil liability of articles 1902 and following of the Civil Code, that is to say, that a guilty action or omission on the part of the opposing driver must be accredited.

The occupants of the vehicle, the passengers, the crew, the passengers of the vehicle and the

Pedestrians in the case of being hit by a car, except for their exclusive fault, but it are difficult for the driver’s insurance company to prove that the fault was 100 x 100 of the pedestrian, although of course it can happen.

The relatives and close friends of those who have died in traffic accidents

Users of public transport, whether bus, subway, etc.

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