The answer is more than obvious. We do not discussing the professionalism and specialization of company lawyers, but these lawyers do not cease to have a relationship, of whatever kind, with the insurance sector.

Will you feel more protected and better defended by a lawyer who, regardless of the outcome of the negotiation or trial, will collect from the insurance company, or by an independent lawyer who will collect a percentage based on the compensation obtained? Keep in mind that you will be the client of the private attorney. The lawyer’s client

You have to think that you will be the client of a insurance company lawyer is not you but the insurance company itself.

Imagine that you are entitled to compensation of 6,000 euros. The private lawyer charges you 900 euros if you get the 6,000. If this lawyer does not fight for your compensation and agrees to compensate you for 3,000 euros, his fees are reduced by half. The company’s lawyer receives from the company 400 euros if they give you a compensation of 6,000 and equally a fee of 400 euros if you receive a compensation of 3,000 euros which you can quickly close with the lawyer of another insurance company. Draw your own conclusions. The private attorney will certainly fight for the highest possible compensation, as his fee is usually a percentage of the amount obtained.

In addition, the company’s lawyer will be imposed on you by the company, you cannot choose. However, when choosing a private attorney, it is essential to ensure that the lawyer you hire is a specialist in accidents, as this is a complex subject that is constantly evolving in terms of legislation and case law.

And let us not forget that there are situations in which real conflicts of interest occur. There are agreements between insurance companies under which your own insurer will be responsible for compensating you for material damage (to the vehicle, the hull, etc). Therefore the lawyer working for the company would become a lawyer supposedly at your service but paid by the company. Imagine that you have a lawsuit with a neighbour and you hire a lawyer, but that lawyer is not paid by you but by the neighbour you are facing in court. Crazy, right?

There is another scenario where there is an obvious conflict of interest and that is when the two vehicles involved in a claim belong to the same insurance company. Ultimately, the insurance company will pay, and they will provide lawyers for each party hired by them. Comments are unnecessary.

Therefore, and as a summary, we advise you to hire a private lawyer, who will never use the services of the lawyer offered by your insurance company, but make sure that he is a true specialist in traffic accidents and that he is independent of the insurance companies, who does not work on other accident matters in the service of the companies.

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